Sunday, February 1, 2009

McCloud Vocab

Some Vocabulary from Scott McCloud's Understanding Comics:

Comics: Basically the entire book is a definition but the easy, straight forward definition is "sequential art" (pg. 5). It is stringing individual pictures together to create a story.

Icon: "Any image used to represent a person, place, thing or idea" (pg 27).

Gutter: "The blank space between the panels" (pg. 66). The space where our brains imagines the actions that occur between the two panels. McCloud has categorized the different types (pgs. 70 - 72):
1. Moment to Moment
2. Action to Action
3. Subject to Subject
4. Scene to Scene
5. Aspect to Aspect
6. Non-Sequitur

Panel: Can show time and can also be an icon itself (pg. 98).

Subjective Motion: "Operates on the assumption that if observing a moving object can be involving, being that object should be more so" (pg. 114). Focuses on the object in motion.

Visual Symbols: For example, McCloud uses the sweat bead on pg. 130. This tells us that the character is probably nervous. These symbols begin a "Visual vocabulary" (pg. 131) for emotions.

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  1. Courtney,

    You might want to include McCloud's actual definition of "COMICS" from page 5.

    Also, include definitions of "Moment to Moment," "Action to Action," etc.

    Look at the BLOGs of the other students.