Sunday, February 8, 2009

New York Comic Con

This past Saturday I headed down to the Jacob Javit's Center to attend New York ComicCon. I had never gone to a comics convention before - only a small Anime convention in Atlanta - so I was pretty blown away by the sheer number of people there and the size of the gallery. It great to just walk around and see hundreds of people get really excited about the things you find interesting. Some of the costumes were very impressive. I saw one girl who looked exactly like Harley Quinn. Not surprisingly the most popular costume was the Joker. I also saw a wonderful Rorschach costume! I think the guy was even 5'6''! I wonder if he had red hair...

My favorite part of the convention was just witnessing how far the industry has come. In last week's class we watched a documentary on Will Eisner and the rise of comics and the graphic novel. Comics basically went from a small office or just a section of the newspaper to something that hundreds of people would gather to celebrate. I also liked the Marvel and DC booths - some of the figures were really stunning. I am obsessed with action figures so I was a sucker for those booths. I also picked up one of the first Two-Face comics from the 40's. Two Face is my favorite comic book villain so I was pretty psyched.

Since it was my first time going I didn't really know my way around or what I was doing haha hopefully next year I will be able to go the DC Nation panel.

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  1. Courtney,

    Glad you enjoyed ComicCon and were able to get enough of a "taste" that you wish to return in September 2010 (the next NYC one -- there will be a first time Chicago one in early 2010).

    Congrats on buying your first HARVEY TWO FACE 1940s comics! Thus, begins a first-rate comics collection!